Blue Hill Cooperative Design Lab

  • Gatherings Blue Hill, MA

Do you have a sense that the future is trying to emerge? That connection with the nature, in society and with self are all possible?

That is exactly what the Farming Artist sense too! They want create an intentional community of farming and festival with a cooperative attitude toward co-living and creating viable enterprises. That is why the Farming Artists have been selected for the next iteration of Cooperative Design Lab.

In one hands-on weekend, you will be working with emergence to sense and prototype the future of Farming Artists. This hands-on learning workshop will also give you a sense of what is possible in your own community. If you want to be a part of the real economy, or sense cooperatives might be a way to co-create a more resilient future, this CDL is for you.

Set in Blue Hill Maine, this Cooperative Design Lab will be integrating local food production, solar energy, tiny houses villages and agroforestry. The course will illuminate key concepts in permaculture, cooperative development, intentional community and maker culture for real-time, rapid-cycle modeling. The goal for the weekend is to prototype a design that includes: 1) a clear membership structure for friends, residential co-living, and guest lodging, 2) an investment structure for festival production, tiny house green building, and farming ventures, and 3) an approach to co-learning that balances ecological, social, and self learning agreements.

Come to Blue Hill this fall to learn more about the collaborative process for cooperative co-creation at Co-op Design Lab.  The subject of this intensive Cooperative Design Lab will be the Farming Artists. What does it take to form an entity like this? How do you set up investment and funding channels when working in emergence? What if the perception of limitation is a simple problem of scale?

At this Cooperative Design Lab you will be shaping the organizational structure, membership and culture of the Farming Artists and articulating a path forward for this innovative cooperative model. All designs are collectively held; anyone can recreate the model, or parts of it using a different name. 

The Farming Artists are interested in the larger ecosystem of their project and are committed to creating a regenerative enterprise with a lot of emphasis on growing the four nurturing capitals (living, cultural, social and spiritual). With their cooperative enterprises and co-living experiment, they aim for inter-generational engagement and well-being. The core of their community-scale work is vibrant seasonal festivals. Green building design, guest lodging and co-housing are what they sense for next steps. This is where our design work begins!

This course follows an action learning process that can be replicated in other communities. Participants are part of what is emerging in the workshop, and take the process with them at the end of the lab. There will be many modules to chose from for your ideal learning experience. The event will push participants to get past the structures, systems and patterns of thought that keep us from creating the world we want to live in.  

Schedule :

This three day workshop will begin on Thursday evening with a Harvest Moon social and kickoff at the Farming Artists barn in Blue Hill. Friday the workshop will open at Gatherings, also in Blue Hill. Workshop sessions will run until Sunday, at which point there will be a public reveal of the design. There is an optional ceremony back on land to close the weekend. 

Tuition :

Tuition for this course ranges from $180 to $360, depending on circumstance. Partial scholarships are available.

To ensure that this CDL is a rewarding participatory process for all, there is considerable pre-work for the facilitators, the hosts and sponsors involved. Please be as generous as you are able!

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