Cooperative Design Lab consultants can help you take action in your community, shape up your board of directors and train your members. We offer an initial one hour conversation to learn about your project and to share about what we can offer.  We can then design a proposal that will meet your needs and budget. 

To arrange consulting services please email Rachel Lyn at or call 207-332-7224

We are available to consult on the following areas:

Starting Cooperatives: 

With first-hand experience of starting a worker-owned cooperative and being involved in other cooperatives, we can help you to learn about what you need to start a co-op and guide you in the process.

Cooperative Cafes:

We are able to facilitate conversations in your community about the impact of cooperatives on local economies. We can help you explore and develop your vision, identify that strategic community need, engage your community and share skills and structures that you will need to build a successful cooperative business.

Cooperative Farms and Housing:

We can help groups of farmers and resident communities that are interested in working together on the land as a worker-owned cooperative, selling their products together as farmers cooperative, or working living and working in intentional community.

Cooperative Childcare and

Teaching collectives:

 We are consulting with early childhood educators, providers and parents that are interested in working together as a worker-owned cooperative, provider shared services cooperative, parent groups that want to form a cooperative to engage children in community-centered quality care with a feasible business model.

Process Consulting

We can help build capacity in your organization with our vast set of teaching and facilitation tools. We can even help your group improve participation, communication, accountability or productivity.