This cooperative development program is run cooperatively using open and collaborative project management practices. CDL co-facilitators are trainers, consultants, cooperative developers and coordinators who are passionate about cooperatives and building resilient local economies and communities.  None of us make a living with this work, we are also cooks, graphic designers, parents, permaculturists, bee keepers, farmers and gardeners, innkeepers, educators, musicians, activists, and researchers.   

Rachel Lyn Rumson

Rachel Lyn's organizational development practice is steeped in action research. Rachel Lyn loves to increase engagement and participation in groups and in the economy. She is interested in projects that creativity invest in living, social and cultural capital. She is a capacity-builder and sets containers for emergence, design, and connection to happen.  In addition to coordinating Cooperative Design Lab, Rachel Lyn runs a homestead B&B with her partner Mike Joyce in Gray Maine, developer curriculum and consults for Cooperative Development Institute, and facilitates permaculture design courses with the Center for an Ecology-based Economy in Norway, Maine. This is her fourth year co-hosting CDL.



Kate Wallace

As someone who always felt more comfortable working within horizontal leadership structures, Kate naturally became drawn to cooperative models. She is currently based out of Portland, where she cooks food for homeless teens, works seasonally at Fedco (a worker co-op in Clinton) and grows food with the Winter Cache Project, an urban farm/garden collective. In her spare time, she dabbles in making plant medicine, playing music, bee keeping and brewing beer. Kate is a permaculture designer and facilitator with the Resilience Hub as well. 


Angela Faneuf

Angela is actively engaged in co-creating new models for multi-generational intentional community living, land stewardship and regenerative business practices. A deep-rooted inspiration to reconnect people with the natural rhythms of our world has been the driving force behind Angela's work. For 20 yrs+ she has hosted and organized large events and seasonal festivals, some drawing crowds of nearly 20,000 visitors.  She has an early childhood education certification in Waldorf tradition, is a graduate of the Massachusetts Dept. of Agricultural Resources Small Farm Business course series, has apprenticed in natural building techniques at The EcoVillage Training Center located at The Farm Community in Tennessee, and is an alumni of Cooperative Design Lab here in Maine. Angela is mother to a very vibrant, intuitive daughter of the new Earth paradigm, a naturally gifted empath and an accomplished amateur astrologer. The organization that she co-founded, The Farming Artists Cooperative, is currently the site of the next iteration of Cooperative Design Lab.


Past CDL Collaborators

Sara Perry

Sara Perry is a yoga teacher, bartender and a mom of four. She wants to open a business that brings wellness to her community and fosters a workplace of well people.  She lives in Brunswick with her family. Sara is an Cooperative Fermentation alum and CDL9 co-facilitator. She is working on a Cooperative Plan for a vegan cafe in Bath, Maine and yoga studio with Nathan Cowing. 

Nathan Cowing

Nathan Cowing wants to create workplaces that do not suck the life out of the people that work there. He is a creative person who expresses himself through music, drawing, woodworking, and plant based cuisine among other things. He currently lives in a familial farmhouse in Dresden, Maine with his wife Jennifer, their new son and their seven cats. He is an Cooperative Fermentation alum and CDL9 co-facilitator.  He is working on a Cooperative Plan for a vegan cafe and yoga studio in Bath, Maine.

Jonah Fertig

Jonah is the founder of Cooperative Design Lab.  He is working as a cooperative developer with CDI serving rural cooperatives. Jonah is a cooperator, organizer, cook, teacher, facilitator, farmer, artist and father. He co-founded Local Sprouts Cooperative in Portland, Maine and helped to develop it from an idea into a successful worker-owned cafe, catering business and learning programs. He also started the People’s Free Space, a community space and project in Portland, and the Burdock Gathering, a community learning gathering in Central Maine. He most recently co-founded the Machigonne Community Land Trust in Portland and the Portland Urban Agriculture Sub-Committee that is part of the Mayor’s Initiative for a Healthy and Sustainable Food System.

 Joe Marraffino

Joe is a Cooperative Developer for the Democracy at work Institute, focusing on rural areas of the Northeast.  He became a baker at cooperatively-owned Arizmendi Bakery in San Francisco in 2003, and in 2007 joined the Arizmendi Association's Development and Support Cooperative, providing bookkeeping and training services to a growing network of businesses.  In 2010 Joe helped launch two new bakeries for the Association. After moving to Upstate New York, Joe served as the Finance Manager for GreenStar Cooperative Market for three years, and was a founding organizer of the New York Cooperative Network. He joined DAWI in 2015.  Joe has a Master's degree in Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Communities from the New College of California. He maintains a library of worker cooperative literature and videos at 

Anne Sullivan-Chin

Annie spent three glorious years as a worker-owner of Pedal People Cooperative in Northampton, MA before moving to New York City where she now resides with her dog Ernie. She began her work with ABC Bookkeeping as an intern with the Democracy At Work Network, helping ABC craft its cooperative bylaws and operations protocols. She is now a certified DAWN Peer Advisor and she provides accounting and consulting services as a full member-owner of ABC. Annie is thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to the vibrant cooperative movement in NYC and beyond.