The Farming Artists

This weekend CDL participants are all interested in living in the Farming Artists intentional community in Blue Hill. They will harvest deeper connections, shared vision, develop working policy documents for a shared land-ownership cooperative, define the shape of their board, practice consensus decision making process, with real proposals, and an set a strategic action plan.

The Farming Artists are the case study in:

  • Navigating complex legal structures (LLC/Affordable Housing Cooperative/Community Land Trust/ResidentOwnedCommunity) and the equity relationships within them

  • Forming a guild structure using social permaculture incorporating land-ownership & habitat design, farming, forestry, hospitality, and festival

  • Nesting worker-owner cooperative businesses as cottage industries within an intentional community with innovative lease and membership agreements

  • Mix use site planning integrating participatory permaculture design with conventional services in real estate development

We look forward to working with this group and seeing where they take it!