Are you involved in the relational work of creating a co-op culture? Do you serve on a cooperative board of advisers or directors? Are you a philanthropic group funding cooperative projects? Are you a co-op member in the role of manager or lead on a committee?

CDL9 participants come from a wide variety of fields and privileges. Some belong to a non-profit, some a LLCs. There are no-profit mutual-aid initiatives and coalitions of like-minded and well established organizations that realize that they will be stronger working together. Participation is open to people from all walks of life. Our classrooms are culturally diverse, and include people of varying age, physical ability, language, gender, race, class and religion.

The application will provide you a chance to explain the cooperative project you are part of, share a little bit about yourself and your familiarity with cooperatives. We will contact all who apply. Space is limited to 9 people and the course runs once a year.


The CDL9 (nine month training course) tuition is offered on a sliding scale and we ask participants to select the rate that best applies to their situation. Limited scholarships are available, and there is a Generosity Circle option that allows people with greater access to financial capital to sponsor participants who would otherwise be unable to attend. Residents of rural communities and persons associated with disadvantaged social groups (women, LGBTQ, teens, immigrants) are encouraged to apply.


Tuition Ranges from $350 to $650 Early bird registration is available through Jan 7, 2017.


Tuition ranges from $180- $360 Early bird registration is available through Sept 15, 2017.  Click HERE to apply!

We never want money to be a barrier in participating in this course, so we will do everything we can to make it work for you to attend. Please email cooperativedesignlab@gmail.com to set up a time to talk about how this course will support your community.

Generosity Circle

We invite all to practice generosity. If you are in position to support others to attend, please consider registering for two. Additional donations above the course price are welcome and help us provide scholarships (they are also tax-deductible). Thank you.

Donations can be made through our fiscal sponsor to:

Cooperative Design Lab c/o Permaculture Association of the Northeast (P.A.N.)
P.O. Box 3461
Amherst, MA 01004-3461